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TBL in action

Team-Based Learning at NNI NeurologyEdit

ONE is currently using Team-Based Learning (TBL) for undergraduate & postgraduate teaching.

TBL is a new teaching method where students first answer questions as individuals, then as a small group. The questions posed are always clinical. The process of group discussion allows students to work through the clinical problem, and come to a consensus answer. All groups then display their answers simultaneously, and the groups then have to justify their answers.

This process promotes active learning and has been shown to improve knowledge of a topic. It also promotes teamwork, and peer-to-peer learning. Students generally enjoy TBL and feedback has been very positive.

TBL for NUS undergraduatesEdit

We are currently performing a 2-year trial for the 3rd and 5th year students of YLLSOM, NUS, to see if TBL improves clinical reasoning and judgement; the study has received ethics approval from NUS.

TBL will involve 2 important topics - Neurological Localisation and Neurological Emergencies.

For the NUS medical students:

1. More information about our research study can be found by downloading the Participant's Info Sheet.

2. You will need to do preparation before the TBL session, or you may be lost or confused during the session (a.k.a. "Blur Like Sotong").

a) Listen to A/P Uma's 2 lectures on Neuro Localisation (QuickTime required). There are 2 files, total duration is 60 min - click to download Part 1 (20MB) and Part 2 (10MB).
b) download the Primer / Precis - a quick 1-page guide to Localisation, and go thru it
c) watch a 22 minute e-lecture on Neuro Emergencies (lecture may take some time to load, so be patient).
If the Neuro Emergencies link above is slow, you can also view the lecture thru the TTSH e-learning portal.
(i) login as nni_mo, password nni
(ii) Find 'My Courses', click on 'Core MO Lectures'
(iii) then click on 'Course Materials' on the left. You will find the Emergencies lecture

3. Read the admin instructions for the TBL. Please be punctual for the TBL session.

See you at the TBL session!

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